You don’t get this from the doom-reporting media, but . . .

The data from Sout.h Africa that’s coming in, and which has been pretty much the same for a while now, is that even with the spread of this scary-sounding South African coronavirus variant, which has been the stuff of all sorts of scary speculation stories, cases of infection in South Africa are in fact shooting – are you ready? – downwards.

And so are hospitalizations.

And this is despite the lack of any widespread vaccinations in SA.

Too early to say for sure, but this variant does not seem to be significantly more infectious that its predecessor.

And it doesn’t seem (at least as yet) to result in more severe illness, although studies indicate that the vaccines may not be as active against it, which when you consider what a virus wants out of its “life”, makes sense: Infect more people more easily but don’t kill them cuz you want them around to infect again if you come back in a changed-enough form.