I just don’t understand this

A few days ago, members of the Canadian government’s vaccine task force told a parliamentary committee that secrecy surrounding their deliberations was necessary.

This is the task force, formed early last summer, which is responsible for making recommendations on which vaccines to purchase and which Canadian companies to back with funding for research and development of COVID vaccines.

Look, if Canada had had a stellar record in obtaining vaccines and immunizing the population, no one would care a whit about who was on this task force or why its members decided on what they decided.

But even with the kindest interpretation, the Canadian government’s performance has been, well, very poor at best, and when that happens it’s imperative to know who knew what, and when, and why, so that should this come to pass again, and it will, it definitely will, we perhaps may not repeat the stupid mistakes that were made this time, like putting all our early hopes – and money and trust – on a Chinese vaccine that we never got even close to getting.