Dr. Bonnie Henry is right

So, Mona Nemer , Canada’s chief science adviser has just lectured (chastised? guilted?) Dr. Bonnie Henry for delaying second doses of COVID-19 vaccines in BC, when she told the CBC that Henry’s plan was “a basically population level experiment . . . (that) needs to be done as we expect clinical trials to be carried out.”

Which is the kind of thing people who live in Ottawa off the public purse tend to tell people who live in the real world and have to adapt their tactics to the poor support they generally get from their cocooned federal colleagues.

I think Nemer would be a much more valuable voice in this if she could tell us that she had spent lots of effort and time – last year , the year before, the year before that, etc – advising Trudeau that when – not if – a viral pandemic hits, Canada can’t produce enough vaccine here (did she do that? if she didn’t, why not? and if she did, how did Trudeau respond?), so maybe we should be build facilities here (same questions) or if we can’t do that, maybe we should get contracts in place to get vaccine here as quickly as it’s produced (ditto).