The best vaccine for COVID-19?

The one you can get.

Way too many people get way too lost in way too many numbers when it comes to figuring out what’s best for their health.

So, I’ve already heard from a couple of seniors that they are really opposed to getting the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine (which is soon coming to a province near you) because in the pre-approval studies this vaccine was not as effective (72 % versus 90+ %) at preventing symptomatic illness as were the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

As well, there were simply not enough seniors enrolled in the AZ study to determine if that vaccine is as effective in older people as it was in younger people.

But here’s the thing: In the real world, data from the UK seems to indicate that a single shot of the AZ vaccine (which is the workhorse vaccine in the UK) may be even slightly better than a single shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

Look, it’s unlikely that in the Canadian “best-in-the-world-except-when-it-comes-to-choosing-what-you-would-like-to-get” health system, any Canadian will actually get a chance to choose which vaccine they get.

But it really doesn’t matter: They all seem to produce similar levels of benefit.

So if you can’t get the one you love, just love the one you get.