Why we need to vaccinate as many as possible ASAP

Great news from Israel shows just how well these vaccines have been working on the current strains of coronavirus circulating in that country (and yes, that does include the so-called British variant).

According to data from an internal Israeli Health Ministry forum that was released publicly earlier this week, of 1.82 million people who were inoculated by early February, only 1,248 (0.07 %) had tested positive by the end of the month.

Further, only 122 fully vaccinated people have ended up in hospitals, of whom 73 were in serious condition.

And also among the fully vaccinated, there were just 23 COVID deaths in that population.

If only Trudeau had arranged contracts that had ensured Canadians would get vaccinated as quickly as could have been the case, we would now be opening up, traveling, visiting, eating out, picking up our kids from school, hugging, playing sports . . .

Instead, we are in a race to see if we can immunize enough of the population to achieve a sort of herd immunity before the new variants take over.

These vaccines work extremely well, so now the trick is for the the powers-that-be to get them into enough arms quickly enough to head off another crisis.

So when it comes your turn, get vaccinated.