Listen up, if you can

A new American poll has found that a large majority (80 %) of older Americans (sorry but this means 50 +) have not been asked by their family docs about the state of their hearing, which is a really (fill in the blank here) thing cuz a very large percentage of older people are in fact hearing impaired.

And although this is an American poll, I am sure that it’s roughly the same up here in the free North, cold, and patient.

Why does hearing loss matter?

Because many studies have linked impaired hearing to a higher risk of many different health problems including most prominently depression, falls, cardiovascular disease, and especially worth a note – cognitive decline.

But in good observational studies, those hearing impaired people who treated their hearing loss had less risk of all those negative outcomes compared to similarly-matched peers who didn’t address their hearing loss.

If your doctor doesn’t ask but if your partner (or kids or relatives or grocer or chicken supplier) mentions that you may have a hearing deficit, address it ASAP.