Why BC is doing what BC is doing

Why has BC decided to delay the 2nd coronavirus vaccine for people who’ve already received one dose out to 16 weeks as opposed to what the vaccine manufacturers claim is the right dosing schedule, namely, 2nd doses for Pfizer 21 days after the 1st, and for Moderna 28 days later?

Because that’s what real-world data is telling us, and we should honour that message, not what the manufacturers tell us.

So, for example. in the UK, a study that compared risk for future COVID-19 among over several thousand unvaccinated and vaccinated health-care staff concluded that there is a “fourfold decrease in the risk of asymptomatic COVID-19 infection among health-care workers who were vaccinated more than 12 days earlier, or 75 per cent protection.”

That is, one shot is very quickly very effective protection against COVID-19.

And that protection only seems to grow with time so that another study from the UK which was published in The Lancet concluded that the Pfizer vaccine is 81 % effective when its second dose is given 3 months after the first, but only 55 % when the 2nd dose is given after six weeks.

And data from Israel, Quebec, and even from BC come to the same general conclusion: One dose of vaccine very effective and if we delay the 2nd dose of vaccine out to close to 3-4 months, we can get not only better protection from the vaccine.

But even more important perhaps, we get way way way more people covered with enough protection that we can finally get ahead of this rampaging virus.

Bully for BC for going ahead with this sensible plan.

But now, the job for BC health authorities is to get more urgency into immunizing way more people than we are currently managing to immunize.

This should be a 24/7 effort that began last week: Viruses don’t stop spreading on weekends or after hours.

Sadly, it still isn’t anywhere near that level.