Very important data from the J&J trial of their coronavirus vaccine

This is verbatim from an interview at MedPageToday with Rick Nettles, MD, vice president of medical affairs at J&J’s Janssen division.

“We conducted the trial in South Africa, in South America and in the U.S.

So the trial was actually done really at the height of the global pandemic.

And we know that the variant, which was first identified in South Africa.

Over 90% of the samples from South Africa, that variant was present.

So we know that that trial was conducted while the South African variant was circulating.

Likewise in South America, we did see the one of the variants that has been circulating in Brazil present.

And despite that we showed that after 28 days, we had no deaths and no COVID related hospitalizations, even in South Africa and in Brazil where those variants were predominant.”

That’s how good this vaccine is!