Why you should be very very very leery about attending a high-intensity workout at a gym

Some staggering data from a study about COVID-19 circulating throughout a Chicago-area gym.

Now, interestingly, this gym did try to use some COVID-19 prevention strategies such as asking people to wear masks as they entered the gym (they were allowed to remove their masks during class), and limiting class size to only 10 or 15 people.

However , despite these minimal prevention strategies, the researchers still identified 55 coronavirus infections among 81 people who attended high-intensity, in-person fitness classes in the gym over a certain period of time.

But what I found really disconcerting is the attitude of the gym goers.

22 people who were found to be infected had gone to the classes on the day they developed their first symptoms of illness, or the day after.

Three of these high-intensity morons even went to an exercise class on the day they received a positive test result indicating they had been infected, or the day after, which isn’t really that surprising when you look at the kind of people who attend high-intensity workouts.

So no matter what kind of restrictions the gym might put in place, it just stands to reason that the gym cannot police that heavy breathing and panting and grunting – and microbe-haring – that those avid high-intensity workout people will produce in their never-ending quest to be bigger and stronger than their neighbour.