Maybe it’s not all their fault

You know all those – fill in the blank – who don’t believe that COVID is a real pandemic.

And the even greater – fill in the blank – who believe the vaccines are – fill in the blank – so they won’t get one and in fact, they think (a loose term in this situation, I know) that no one should get vaccinated.

Well, maybe it’s not entirely their fault that they have come to these conclusions because according to the US State Department’s Global Engagement Center, which monitors foreign disinformation efforts, at least four websites and publications have served as fronts for a Russian intelligence campaign of disinformation about the coronavirus vaccines.

(And guess who they would have targeted)?

According to a spokesperson from this department, the websites have played up the vaccines’ risk of side effects, questioned their efficacy, and said the U.S. had rushed the vaccines through the approval process without enough scrutiny.

As opposed to Sputnik V, I guess, which was given to thousands of “willing” Russians even before a phase 3 study of the vaccine had been completed.