Wear a mask when you’re closely around others, even if it’s when you’re working out

A study published this week in the European Respiratory Journal on a group of 12 people while they were using an exercise bike, which included those study participants working out both while wearing a mask and when not wearing a mask, concluded that “wearing a protective face mask has only a modest effect on the ability of healthy people to do vigorous exercise.”

How modest?

An average reduction of around ten per cent in their ability to perform aerobic exercise, say the researchers.

If that sounds like it’s too much of a decrease for you, just consider that most health authorities consider gyms to be (very) high-risk areas for transmission of SARS-CoV-2, so as with everything in life, ‘it’s a trade-off: Wear mask and you lower your ability to do as much exercise a bit but you lower your risk of picking up a serious illness by a lot.