The scariest statement you can encounter

With apologies to Ronald Reagan, who said this differently (and much better), the most scary thing to hear often is something like “I’m with the government and I don’t need outside help for dealing with this crisis.”

Which will go a long way in explaining why in rolling out a mass coronavirus immunization program in BC, a program which the government had a lead time of 8 months to plan and practice, the rollout in Vancouver Coastal Health was – to be as kind as possible – a total shambles.

Government is terrific at passing rules, never very good at implementing new standards or procedures, especially a government that believes it alone can do what needs to be done.

In Washington state, the state government is using the expertise and know-how of Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and others to help them vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible (and Washington is, of course, far ahead of BC in vaccinating it’s seniors and vulnerable populations) because those businesses know how to get things done fast and well.

If not, they go out of business.


So far, no non-government help.

Which explains everything.