Vaccines work against latest scariant

A great new study published Monday in God’s medical publication, the New England Journal of Medicine, has concluded that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine successfully neutralizes (that means it blocks a potential COVID infection) the “dreaded” P.1 variant of the virus recently discovered in Brazil.

Now this was of course a lab-based study, so you’d need data from the real world to make sure this actually works in real people, but for now – or until it’s disproved, which is highly unlikely – it seems that the current vaccines (no reason to believe the other vaccines won’t work just as well against P.1) still don’t require any manipulation to update them.

So all we have to do now is immunize enough people as quickly as possible to prevent this more contagious scariant from spreading in our communities, although given the speed at which the vaccination program is progressing in BC – finish this sentence any way you like.