Who you gonna blame?

Well, if you’re in government, lesson number one is: Always blame someone not in government.

So in the massive screw-up with vaccine sign-up for Vancouver Coastal Health, it’s no surprise that the government, in the person of the Health Minister, quickly focused the blame where it clearly should be placed when a program with at least an 8-month lead time has gone badly awry, namely the phone company.

So, as the Vancouver Sun reports, “Vancouver Coastal Health has had significant problems, Dix said, because it relied solely on the contact service provider, Telus, whereas the other four health authorities had their own backup call centre staff. “

I can easily relate to that.

It’s always Telus’s fault in my house when some technology doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

And surely it’s also Telus’s fault that in 2021, the government saw fit to not have an internet option available for signing up in Vancouver Coastal Health.

The Health Minister should call Telus to tell them although he might be on hold for a long time before getting through, unless he’s cut off while holding, that is.