What happened to flu this year?

It went into hiding.

Didn’t entirely disappear, but went drastically underground.

How far underground?

Well, according to according to US data, only one American child this year has died from the flu.

In contrast, there are usually a couple of hundred deaths in American children in typical annual flu seasons.

Where has the flu gone and why?

The answers, as always, are not totally clear, although common sense tells us that either the flu didn’t want to or couldn’t compete with SARS-Co-V-2 (unlikely) or the huge number of flu shots given out this year in contrast to most years made a huge difference in how likely anyone was to get a flu infection, or most likely, the COVID prevention strategies of physical distancing, avoiding crowded spaces, and washing hands thoroughly was enough to keep flu cases totally under control.

So now the big question is: What will happen when the flu roars back next year, as it is very likely to do?

No one knows but hey, what better time to remind you that a flu shot will probably be even more necessary next year than it was this year.