I never use a hand dryer to dry my hands because . . .

Because common sense has always told me that I don’t want to blow my germs all over the place – or perhaps even encounter the germs of the guy who just used that dryer before I did.

And once again, common sense was correct (sort of).

So according to a study just published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, “high speed air dryers not only leave more contamination on poorly washed hands compared to paper towels, but during hand drying, they can also spread germs onto clothing, ultimately transferring more bacteria to other surfaces.”

In fact, in this study, “the levels of contamination to surfaces volunteers touched with their hands were 10 times higher after hands were dried with an air dryer than with paper towels.”

So the next time you think of using one of those high-speed dryers in a commonly-used bathroom, just picture the guy (or guys) who were there before you, and maybe use the paper towels instead.