Yet again, a study shows that you are the father of your own potential brain demise

A study of 15,000 people who were followed for 10-30 years and which was just published online in the journal, Neurology, has concluded that if you don’t take care of business – in this case your health – when you are young, it’s likely to come back to bite you when you’re older and much less able to do anything about it.

In this case, it’s all to do with brain health and according to this research, “(p)eople in their 20s and 30s who have health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity and high blood glucose levels (are eventually) more likely to have problems with thinking and memory skills decades later than those without these health issues.”

In the concise words of the lead researcher: “. . . early adulthood may be a critical time for the relationship between these health issues and late-life cognitive skill.”

Do it when you’re young.

Cuz it’s a lot harder – and a lot less likely to help – when you’re older.