You know all those people who work out excessively . . .

Which they do because they’ve become convinced that hard workouts are the key to better health not to mention to a longer life as well.

Well, maybe not.

According to a recent study of a 4-week program comparing hard workouts with more relaxed exercising, the researchers concluded that the hard workouts actually led to worse metabolic results.

Specifically, the researchers say, there was a striking reduction in “intrinsic mitochondrial function” (mitochondria are the power sources in cells, and believe me, you do not want to impair your mitochondria) that coincided with a disturbance (“disturbance” is research-speak for “not good”) in glucose tolerance and insulin secretion”.

Furthermore, they add, “we also assessed continuous blood glucose profiles in world-class endurance athletes and found that they had impaired glucose control compared with a matched control group”.

Now, none of this means those world-class athletes – or the maniacs who work out till exhaustion – will end up with more health problems or shorter lives, but still, at the very least you can say that “disturbances” in glucose tolerance (which can lead to diabetes, and worse) and a “reduction in mitochondrial function” are not gonna lead to better things.

As with everything, moderation, moderation, moderation, is the best way to go for most of us.