Yes, you can still get infected after your coronavirus vaccinations but very unlikely

In a real-world setting during which there was a large uptick in COVID-19 cases in the area, researchers who looked at data on health care workers who received over 36,000 first doses and 28,000 second doses in southern California determined that the risk of infection afterwards was very low, although it was not zero.

In their letter to the The New England Journal of Medicine, the researchers report that in this huge cohort, 379 individuals tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 at least one day following vaccination, with the majority (71%) testing positive within the first two weeks after the first dose, while 37 workers tested positive after receiving 2 doses.

Which is very reassuring when you consider that 1) these people were working in a very high-risk environment, and 2) 99 % of them did not get infected.