Several chronic conditions do increase the severity of COVID-19

This new analysis of data from the UK which was just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Network Open will surprise very few people because this has has been widely shared before, but still, this new study’s conclusions bear repeating: Several chronic medical conditions (medicalese refers to these as co-morbidities) such as heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease and cancer lead to an increased risk of death from Covid-19.

And as you’d expect, increasing age and having more than one of these conditions raise the risk of severity and death even further.

I guess the main news coming from this study is that it isn’t the medications you may be taking for some of these conditions that increases the risk of a bad outcome from COVID-19, something that has long been thought might play a role most notoriously perhaps for high blood pressure.

Rather, it’s the conditions themselves.