Good reminder about post-vaccination

Pretty soon – significantly longer than we’d like, of course – most of us in BC will be vaccinated with one or other of the several coronavirus vaccines now available.

And unfortunately, for many people, their vaccine will signal a dangerous assumption, namely that they can relax their vigilance against infection.

So, yes, immunization means a much lower risk of infection, and thankfully, especially a much lower risk of serious illness and hospitalization, even death.

But it’s not a zero risk and one might even argue, a much higher than zero risk simply because the virus is still out there and there is a huge cohort of people who will not get vaccinated, and some – perhaps even most – of the latter will undoubtedly transmit infection, mostly because of suffering an asymptomatic infection.

So, of course, you can be less vigilant to an extent – traveling, for example – but always remember in a potentially risky situation that you can still get infected if you’re unlucky, so keep that in mind at all times for the foreseeable future.