Good news – of a sort – if you’re taking high blood pressure meds

According to a new study in the Lancet Oncology, if you’re one of the hundreds of millions of people taking one of the several types of high blood pressure out there, the good news is that this huge analysis failed to find that these drugs raise your risk of cancer, something that, believe it or not, in the many years that these drugs have been available had not been clearly established in the past, which is mind-boggling, when you think about it, and which just makes you think how little we know about the overall safety of drugs that are not nearly as ubiquitous as HBP meds.

But the researchers hedge their bets, alas! by adding that “evidence for some comparisons was insufficient to entirely rule out excess risk, in particular for calcium channel blockers”.

In other words, there’s probably no added cancer risk from these drugs but hey, we wouldn’t be totally surprised if there was.

Which is why the most common end phrase to these kinds of items is “More research is needed.”