I don’t believe this yet

Yesterday, both a White House adviser and Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, were cited as saying that fully-vaccinated people will probably need booster shots of coronavirus vaccines to guard against emerging coronavirus variants in the future, probably within a year or so, according to Bourla.

But I don’t believe we can say that as yet, although I may change my mind with more time and better real-world data.

After all, when the facts change, you’d have to be either an idiot or Donald Trump (well, that may be one and the same) not to change your opinion.

But the only way to know what will be needed is to see 1) how well these vaccines combat the emerging variants, and 2) how much immunity is retained from full immunization and for how long.

Neither of these issues is even close to being settled as yet, and in fact, so far, in the real world, these vaccines are doing an amazing job even in areas where variants are widespread.

So don’t get worried yet about needing to line up an appointment for a booster shot, although Moderna has announced that it is working on a combined flu-coronavirus vaccine, so a booster may indeed be a long-term good idea no matter how this plays outs.