Don’t get fooled by a new guideline from the US CDC

Today, April 27, the US CDC changed their guideline for mask-waring and declared that outdoor activities are safe without masks — regardless of whether a person is vaccinated — as long as people are either alone or with immediate family members.

Which is good common sense for a country in which the majority of adults have now received at least one dose of vaccine, and many have received both doses of the two-dose vaccines.

But that’s not Canada.

So today, confronting the issue of whether we still need to wear masks outdoors in the true, north, strong, and not-as-free-as-some-would-wish, Canadian federal health officials did what Canadian health officials have been outlandishly good at doing in this pnademic – they punted.

By which I mean that the aforementioned health officials “declined to provide guidance to partially or fully vaccinated Canadians” as to what they should do with their masks in the great Canadian outdoors.

As that great punter, Theresa Tam, put it: “Regardless of vaccination status, people should continue following local public health advice and using personal protective equipment”.

In other words, it’s not up to me to tell Canadians what to do even though I am Canadas’s main public health officer..

Ask your local health authority what he/she/they think is appropriate in your community.

So, for example, even though the chance of becoming infected/spreading infection is pretty slight in an outdoor setting such as a BC Ferry parking lot, it is still mandatory in BC that you wear a mask at all times in that lot, which I think makes sense for now.