Half-empty. Not

A recent new (US) Centers of Disease Control and Prevention data, report established that 92 % of Americans are returning for their 2nd coronavirus vaccine shot, which, if you ask me, is about as good a return you can get for a mass vaccination program like this.

In other words, that should be reported as really good news, especially since there is very good data to show that even one shot offers substantial protection against infection.

However, rather than focus on the upside of 92 % returning, lots of media stories chose to headline this data by highlighting the fact that it also means that 8% of adults are not returning or their 2nd shot, which simply underlines the old media maxim that “if it bleeds, it leads“, or put another way, during this pandemic, if we’ve learned one over-arching lesson about the media role in this, it’s that much of the media will always make a story sound negative even though the story might be a positive one.