Teens are about to be the next huge group for whom coronavirus vaccination will be recommended

According to several news reports, the US FDA will likely approve the use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in teens early next week, and if the US does approve the use of coronavirus vaccines in teens, Canadian health authorities, who have proven to be quite comparatively hesitant in this pandemic fight and have often lagged weeks (sometimes months) behind the US in approving things during this pandemic, will likely do the same – eventually – in Canada.

And once teens are added, the next step will be younger kids, and in fact, according to several other reports, the data on using vaccines in younger kids should be available in early fall, meaning that it’s very likely that sometime early in the new school season – and yes, kids will be back to school full-time this fall or else parents will revolt and if there’s one thing progressive governments (read: Liberal and NDP) can’t handle, it’s a large group of citizens revolting against its policies so governments nearly everywhere in Canada will approve this return-to-normal – kids in the countries fortunate (and rich) enough to afford universal vaccination programmes will be getting yet another shot.