So if you’re thinking a supplement can replace the need to live a healthy lifestyle

Best to think again.

Probably the most prescribed supplements in Canada these days are fish oil capsules, especially for people who are at higher risk of heart disease, which is nearly everyone, not just older people any longer.

That’s because at least one high-profile study concluded that when compared to placebo fish oil supplements lower the risk of future heart problems in people at higher risk for cardiac problems, so that many cardiologists and family docs now recommend fish oil capsules to their higher-risk patients (nd for many others, too, probably).

But now a new study has thrown that old conclusion to the wolves, so to speak, because in this new study, fish oil supplements did nothing (compared to the placebo used in this study) to lower heart disease events, and in fact, the people who took the fish oil capsules in this study actually had a significantly higher risk of atrial fibrillation than the folks on the placebo.

The authors of this recent study say that the difference between their study and the previous one is that the older study used the wrong placebo, a placebo that can actually raise the incidence of heart events, so that in comparison, the fish oil capsules looked like they produce fewer cardiac events when in fact they did not.

Bottom line: Nothing is as good as a healthy diet and moving lots to lower your risk of heart disease, no matter how high your risk, no matter your age.