A strong reason to get your COVID vaccine

Your vaccine coverage will protect millions of others who are not as well protected by these vaccines as you are likely to be.

And I’m not just talking about the elderly.

I mean those who are immune-compromised, which, according to a recent report, is roughly 10 % of all those people with some type of immune disorder.

That is, roughly 10 % of people with immune disorders will not respond well (or even at all) to any of the vaccines currently in use for COVID.

And that’s literally millions and millions of people.

Sadly, I doubt that this knowledge – your vaccine protests everyone else – will convince any anti-vaxxers since several studies have revealed that the great majority of these people are motivated primarily by selfish concerns – hey, what’s in it for me – and not at all moved by empathy for the rest of their community.

Still, I live on hope, so here’s hoping . . .