Sit less, move more, keep weight off

That 6 word message is crucial for anyone who wants to lose weight – or who wants to keep it off after they’ve lost it – to keep in mind at all times because there’s simply no substitute for that formula for keeping weight under control, and a new study, reinforces that strong message.

In this study, 4,305 weight-loss maintainers – people who had lost at least 9.1 kg of weight (a bit north of 20 pounds for all the non-metric dinosaurs out there) for over 3 years and who had kept the weight off – were found to sit for 1-3 hours less per day day (and, no surprise) were also more physically active than individuals with obesity.

And take my word for this: It’s actually quite easy to do if you just focus on it as a goal – get up often, even if you’re in a sedentary job (do like me, drink lots of water and coffee so that you have to visit the bathroom frequently, and then take a few extra minutes to wander back to your desk).

You will not only benefit with weight control – moving more will have lots of other physical and emotional benefits that you will slowly discover.