You can’t beat the conclusion from these two recent COVID vaccine studies

According to two just-published studies, immunity to this coronavirus lasts at least a year, (and quite possibly for the rest of your life), and improves over time especially after vaccination.

Not true for everyone, of course, because unfortunately some people don’t mount a strong enough immune response to the vaccine or the virus, especially those with immune disorders.

But for everyone else, immunity to this virus is going to be long-term, perhaps requiring periodic (but likely not annual or even bi-annual) boosters.

It’s all to do with B cells, something that several great virologists like the outstanding Monica Ghandi, have been telling us about for over a year now – namely, not to focus all our attention on the first jolt of antibodies but to also focus on B cells, which are the “memory bank” of the immune system so that when you are confronted with a virus that you’ve encountered before, either through natural infection or via vaccine, the B cells recognize that intruder and mobilize the immune system to fight it.

Those vaccine really are miraculous.