Get your COVID vaccines ASAP

In a new study just published in Lancet Healthy Longevity, researchers looked at rates of Covid-19 infections between October and February among more than 2,000 care home residents and staff and determined that that residents with a previous COVID infection were 85% less likely to be infected during this four-month period than residents who had never been infected.

And that the protection extended out to at least 10 months post-infection.

Does that mean that the vaccines will offer the same level of protection?

Well, clearly this was not a study set up to determine that but the answer is very likely, yes.

The vaccines, after all, induce an immune response that is at least as strong as the natural immune response to infection in most people.

The big unknown, however, is if this will hold true for some of the variants.

And we can block those variants by quickly immunizing as many people as possible with 2 doses of vaccine, which we are getting very close to in Canada.