You might wanna milk this latest study from Down Under

So you know the mantra: Milk is a no-no if you want to lower your risk of heart disease, right?

Especially full-fat milk.

I’ve never believed that so full disclosure: I make a point of eating only full-fat (or close to it) yogurt every day, and although I do use 2 % milk in my cappuccinos, that’s only because 2 % foams better than full-fat milk.

And, terrible parent that I am, I brought my kids up drinking plenty of full-fat milk.

So I was not surprised at all by this latest study from Australia involving genetic data on over 400,00 people on the potential harms of milk which concluded that “greater milk consumption was associated with lower blood cholesterol, lower blood lipid levels, and a lower risk of heart disease”.


Bottom line: low-fat yogurt is an abomination that is even unhealthy for you.