Getting past age 75 just became a bit more unpleasant


Because researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (which is a holy temple of medical care) reported in JAMA Oncology recently that screening endoscopy (the old up-the-backside colonoscopy) for persons older than 75 in otherwise good health can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and the risk of colon cancer-related death by approximately 40%, which means that if you’re in good health when you reach your 75th birthday, the doctor will not stop pestering you but rather will likely strongly encourage you to keep getting colonoscopies.

On the other hand, if at age 75, you have established cardiovascular disease, diabetes or three or more other health conditions, then there is no added value, this research concludes, from colonoscopy screening so the doctor should stop bothering you to go get screened.

I wonder if toenail fungus can count as one of those 3 conditions.