Good for physicians

So how much do doctors believe in the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines?

Very, very, very much, as evidenced from a national survey of American Medic al Association doctors just released that found that an astounding 96 % have been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

Not sure what accounts for the 4 % who haven’t been vaccinated, although it’s likely that at bunch of them are the last true believers in Trumpian hydroxycholoroquine treatment so they’d rather go down mis-treating themselves than preventing the infection in the first place

Bottom line is that there are very few issues in which you would find nearly unanimous agreement among a group of people so likely to argue with each others as doctors, so, to me, this just proves how amazingly effective the vaccines must be to attract this level of support in the medical profession.

Run, run, run to get both your shots ASAP.