On dealing with COVID, health authorities are nearly always behind the science

As of today (and probably for a lot longer than necessary), any fully-vaccinated Canadian returning to Canada has to have a negative COVID test before entry, and then, no matter what the results, go into a 14-day quarantine.

Which is nothing more than simple COVID theatre because the science is pretty clear: Fully-vaccinated people have a very low risk of infection and if they do get infected, they tend to have mild illnesses which very likely means that even those who are re-infected pose a very, very low risk of potential transmission of a coronavirus infection to anyone else.

So why test?

And why quarantine?

The real problem is that health authorities all over the world and Canadian health authorities in particular have been very slow to acknowledge the differences between fully-vaccinated people and those who are unvaccinated or only partially-vaccinated.

When this will end is anyone’s guess but probably not before a lot more pressure is brought on the authorities – both health and political ones – to catch up to what the real word has shown them.