More good news about statin drugs

Which are constantly in need of good news reporting since for some reason – probably because they’re such popular drugs and so easily tolerated – are subject to a terrific amount of negative speculation on the net and in social media.

So first, a recent report concluded that in contrast to what your Aunt Tillie may have told you in an email, or maybe your it was postie or that FedEx guy, statin drugs do not have a negative impact on cognition.

In a large study, the researchers concluded that after 5 years of use by higher-risk individuals (they were old, of course) statin drugs were not linked to either a drop in cognition or a higher risk of dementia or pre-dementia.

On top of that good news, another study of statins concluded that in a group of older individuals with heart failure who actually have a higher risk of cancer than people with normal heart function, statins lowered the risk of cancer (in that population by 22 %, although I wouldn’t focus on the numbers so much as on the trend, which is towards a lower risk) and the risk of dying from cancer by a whopping 26 %.

So if you’ve been told you need to take a statin by your doctor but your neighbour who watches Dr Oz told you otherwise, I think you should stick with your doctor’s opinion.