Smells OK to me

If you’re one of the many people who’ve lost the sense of smell because of a COVID-19 infection and you’re worried that you will never again be able to savour the smell of slow-cooked lamb on a spit or a roasting chicken (or if you’re so inclined, roasting breast of tofu seeping in coconut oil) the good news is that according to a new study, roughly half of people who lost their sense of smell in this pandemic re-gained that sense within 4 months, and of the rest, the vast majority regained it within a year.

True, that’s a long time not being able to smell the good things in life (although the good side of that, of course, is that you also can’t detect the unmistakable body odour of the guy standing two spaces away from you on your public transit commute) but hang in cuz it will correct itself in time (not such hot reassurance, of course, for those long summer commutes).