It hasn’t just been a bad flu season

The weirdest argument, I think, from those (I should be careful here) idiots opposed to vaccination against COVID-19 is that really, this virus is no worse than a bad flu, becuz in a bad flu season. lots of older people die, too, so why are we so worked up about this virus?

Well, think about this: In your lifetime, have you ever seen a news story following even the worst flu season that the average life expectancy in Canada dropped as a consequence of so many infections?

Think hard, and if you still aren’t sure, let me help you: No, you haven’t.

Average life expectancy has not dropped during any flu season in recent history (clearly it did drop during the 1918-1919 flu pandemic).

But data just out from Statistics Canada indicate that there was a  five-month decrease in life expectancy at birth last year.

And as we all know, Canada did much better during this pandemic than lots of other countries including, for example, the US, Brazil, Italy, UK, and many others.

So hey, this was not just your grandpa’s flu: COVID-19 was – and still is – a terrific killer.