Guess what’s making a comeback in North America

Yes, Elton John.

And yes, Michael Cohen.

But also colds.

Remember colds, those infections that you often deemed to be totally miserable before, of course, you discovered what a miserable infection really feels like.

Yes, colds are back mostly because so many people have dropped their use of masks and are no longer as careful about physical distancing or washing their hands often, and the reason we know colds are back bigly (as some would say) is simple: According to the companies who monitor this kind of stuff, there’s been a marked increase recently in sales of over-the-counter cold and flu medications, not only in adults but in kids as well.

Which does not bode well for this fall when flu season will makes a return because trust in this, flu bugs did not suddenly retire or disappear: They are lurking, ready to spring back big-time when we drop our flu-preventive tactics, which really really really argues strongly for getting a flu shot as early as possible next fall (and god willing, the powers-that-be have come up with a good vaccine match for the flu strains that are soon going to be circulating)