We weren’t all quite in this together as much as some say we were

You know how there’s always someone around to remind you, likely after you’ve said something or done something you wish you hadn’t, that “Hey, just remember that we are all in this together,” which is not really true for most ways that we would consider us being together (I don’t think Bill Gates, for example, to pick an easy target, or, even easier, Jeff Bezos, was in this quite the same way most of us were; at least not me).

But it’s a useful catchphrase and easily repeated, especially when someone isn’t wearing a mask in a situation where they should be wearing one, so we accept it usually without arguing (much).

Anyway, another thing that is commonly repeated these days – often after yet another sex survey done primarily on millennials and young adults comes out, is that having sex has decreased by substantial amounts during this pandemic.

But again, it seems that we have not all quite been in this together as much as those surveys seem to indicate, because it turns out that another group of people who are generally not nearly as often surveyed about their sexual proclivities as the young so often are, may actually be having more sex than ever.

And that group is older people because according to research from a group that monitors such things, there’s been a (large) spike in the sales of erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, especially Cialis (tadalafil), in the United States over the past year.

But if you’re surprised, you really shouldn’t be because it all actually stands to reason, if you pardon my way of putting this cuz if you’re stuck at home and you don’t play video games or spend much time on TikTok (especially if you don’t even know – or care to know – what TikTok is), then there are only so many ways you can amuse yourself (or your partner).