Love the conclusion, not so sure about the source

So as a potato lover – baked, fried, mashed, roasted, Anna-ed, any way but raw – I loved the conclusion from a recent study I ran across that eating potatoes is a great way to control your blood pressure.

And I especially loved it because the study also concluded that any type of potato serving – yes, including even dreaded deep-fried French fries – was equally effective at keeping systolic BP under control, because, these researchers speculate, potatoes are a great source of potassium, and potassium helps keep BP down.

Trouble is, though, that since I have one rule that I follow without question when a new nutrition study comes out, namely, follow the money, meaning that I always look at the source of funding for that study nd if the source could be seen to be biased – for example, tomato growers funding a study that tomatoes lower your risk of anything, Quaker Oats funding as study that concludes that kids who eat oats are smarter than kids who don’t, etc – I unfortunately did look at the end of the study to see who funded this too-good-to-believe conclusion, and sadly, I saw that the “Funding was provided by the Alliance for Potato Research and Education”.

Still, for once, I think I may overcome my reluctance to accept a study that is funded by what may be seen to be biased sources cuz I am just dying to have some fries for dinner.

And I am sure my BP will come down quickly as s result.