Guess what? You’re heart is actually better off with more coffee

OK, I will take an early bow here because I’ve long argued that the hearts of coffee drinkers are very unlikely to be adversely affected by drinking coffee, and in fact, may actually benefit from it.

This, despite the arguments of far too many cardiologists that coffee causes heart rhythm problems so people at higher risk for arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation, for example, should minimize if not completely avoid coffee intake.

So I wasn’t in the least surprised that a large new study just out in JAMA has concluded that drinking coffee is not only not linked to a higher risk of cardiac arrhythmias, but indeed, may even slightly lower that risk.

This was true, please note, even for “those genetically predisposed to slower caffeine metabolism”, meaning the kind of people in whom caffeine circulates for longer than normal, so presumably, such people would be more likely to suffer negative consequences such as arrhythmias from coffee, .

Anyway, bottom line is simple: If you’ve been avoiding coffee cuz you were worried that it might impact your risk of an abnormal heart rhythm problem, the best way to celebrate this good news study might be with a double cappuccino.