The 2nd dose of a coronavirus vaccine is especially important

An intriguing new study in the journal Nature has established that a 2nd dose of one of the mRNA vaccines is especially important in achieving a high degree of immunity against SARS2.

In this study, researchers determined that “the second dose caused the massive mobilization of a newly discovered group of first-responder cells that are normally scarce and quiescent.”

In fact, getting a full dose of an mRNA vaccine is even better in terms of immune response than coming down with a SARS2 infection because, the researchers note, “these (newly-discovered) cells barely budge in response to an actual COVID-19 infection, but these cells were strongly “induced” by the Pfizer vaccine (that’s the one in this study but it’s very likely that this holds true for the Moderna vaccine as well).

According to the lead author, “The extraordinary increase in the frequency of these cells, just a day following booster immunization, is surprising,” and “(i)t’s possible that these cells may be able to mount a holding action against . . . other viruses as well.”

Get your 2nd dose ASAP, not only for yourself but for everyone around you as well.

2 thoughts on “The 2nd dose of a coronavirus vaccine is especially important

  1. I am 74 years old, due to heart issues, i am on various statins. I have two mRNA vacvinations plus last fall, 2020, recieving a flu shot. My wuestion is, as soon as I recieved my first mRNA vaccination last March 2021, i began getting random itchy blotces on my body, mostly on my left arm. Do you have a comment?

    1. Hi, Dermatological changes are well noted for people who get one of the mRNA vaccines – in fact, I had a breakout of a rash on my leg after my first dose – but most of the literature claims they ease up in time for most people.
      And just as important, they seem to don’t signify any safety issues for future vaccination.

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