Why it’s gonna take a long, long, long time for this Delta variant surge to end in North America

According to a new CBS/YouGov poll, “nearly half of unvaccinated or partially vaccinated Americans aren’t concerned about the contagious Delta variant”.

Which is about as dumb an attitude as anyone could possibly take to what is clearly a very dangerous microbe to not only the person infected (have you seen the huge number of testimonials from those people who thought this virus was nothing but a strong flu but who are now lying in a hospital bed trying to breathe on their own, or to the thousands now unexpectedly suffering from some form of long COVID?) but also to those many vulnerable people around them who don’t wanna get sick but whose safety also unfortunately relies to a great extent on their neighbours not to infect them.

I am not surprised that there are some people against vaccination – this world clearly includes a certain amount of natural skeptics, total idiots, and anti-social sociopaths – but I must say I am surprised that it’s as many as half of Americans.

But then Trump got nearly 50 % of the vote didn’t he, so maybe this finding should not be that unexpected.