Anyone with a food allergy will already know this

A new study published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy pretty much determined what anyone (like me who must avoid gluten-containing foods because I am a celiac, or if I want to be totally au courant, I am not actually a celiac any longer but rather I am now a person with celiac disease) who’s ever tried to decipher a food allergy warning already knows, namely that it’s often very hard to figure out what food labels mean when it comes to figuring out what a label or a warning actually means for your particular allergy.

As someone who has been reading food labels ever since he was long ago diagnosed as a celiac, excuse me, as a person with celiac disease, I can tell you that since there is no standard labelling, the best way to even come close to figuring out what to do is not to trust the manufacturers of the product you’re interested in but rather to research/consult other people who’ve already had to figure this out for themselves.

It’s very imperfect but as good as I can come up with.