Nasty surprise about antibiotic resistance

No doubt you’ve had just about enough with the messages about reducing your use of antibiotics because of the danger antibiotic overuse poses from the ease with which it promotes antibiotic resistance.

But apparently, and this is a surprise, it’s not just overuse of antibiotics that promotes antibiotic resistance.

Other drugs can do it, too.

So, according to a study presented at the annual European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, researchers from the Tel Aviv Medical Center in Israel have determined that patients who use beta-blockers, PPIs, and antimetabolites (drugs often used in cancer treatment) also have a much higher tendency to grow bacteria that are resistant to commonly-used antibiotics.

Bottom line is same-old, same-old: Even trusted rugs that have been around for generations can still be found to cause unexpected (and often nasty surprises) after many decades of use.