How many coronavirus variants can you handle?



Trick question cuz the number is actually unlimited as of now.

So, just to keep you awake in case you’re finally getting over your fear of the Delta variant, you should know that as of this week, the WHO is following the direction of: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta (3 lineages – meaning that like Hollywood players, this variant has also given rise to offspring of interest), Zeta, Eta, Theta, Kappa (it’s got offspring of interest as well), Lambda (ditto), Epsilon (ditto), and Iota, the one with by far the most offspring (I think the WHO just gave up finding more Greek names for the kids of these variants).

But, and here’s what nearly always gets lost in media stories about scariants, so far, so far, so far, the vaccines are terrifically effective against every scariant that’s been highly-studied.

And we all pray that that continues and that eventually, this virus runs out of ways to adapt.