If you’re wondering why Israel is offering 3rd SARS-CoV-2 vaccines to seniors, it’s like what Jewish moms have always told their kids

“Take this medicine, Arthur” It won’t hurt. And who knows? It might even help.”

That’s a paraphrase of something I was often told by my mother, who didn’t believe much in medications but who didn’t not believe in them, either, so all in all, probably worth the risk to take them.

Which is exactly what Israeli health authorities are telling their high-risk senior about why those seniors should take the 3rd dose of a coronavirus vaccine when they are offered one.

So although many (probably most) Israeli experts accept that so far there’s not enough evidence to support the widespread use of 3rd doses, there also seems to be little downside to giving them.

As Bar Ilan University epidemiologist Prof. Michael Edelstein told The Times of Israel shortly after the government announced it would offer third coronavirus shots to everyone aged 60-plus, “They may not benefit, but they won’t do any harm.”

Thus proving once again that Jewish motherhood tactics and thinking are not reserved for Jewish mothers only.