Breakthrough infections do occur, but . . .

If you’re the kind of person (no adjective here) who relies on the New York Times (and several other “authoritative” news sources) for your health info, you have probably descended into depression many times during this pandemic, especially in recent months with all the focus these news suppliers have placed on the Delta variant and especially about so-called “breakthrough” infections in people who are fully immunized.

The headlines have often screamed that even if you’re fully vaccinated, you are still at risk of getting infected, and just as bad, of infecting others, so why, an intelligent vaccine hesitator might ask, bother getting immunized if you can still get sick and pass your infection on to others.

Which is nonsense (I would use much stronger language but was warned away from that).

The truth is that the vaccines are miraculous, and even though you might get infected post-vaccination, despite what the NYT is trying to tell you so that you will read on and the NYT can then make money by pushing their ads on you, that infection is nothing like the real thing.

Which is why this headline in today’s CNN News is so welcome: About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly Covid-19 breakthrough case, CDC data shows.

That’s what you should focus on when you get depressed about Delta: If you’re fully-vaccinated, you have a very low risk (not 0 % but close) of serious illness and death.

Happy Monday.