Some news that will upset a lot of people who worry about gluten in their diet

As a celiac, or if you prefer the more millennial way of speaking that’s now de rigeur even in med schools, as a person with celiac disease (a PWCD), I have long had to worry about – to avoid – gluten in my diet because of the long list of potential nasty repercussions that gluten may lead to in a celiac (or a PWCD).

So I read labels food obsessively and anything that even smells like it may contain gluten – found in wheat, barley, and rye – is verboten for me.

But according to a recent finding, that kind of obsession may not be enough for me to avoid all gluten in my diet because according to this research, gluten may be hiding in a common weed that contaminates fields that grow gluten-free grains.

The weed is called perennial ryegrass and according to this research (which is from Australia), ryegrass contains “gluten-like peptides” and sadly for PWCDs, ryegrass has become very common in Aussie fields of millet and buckwheat, which are commonly used as replacements for wheat and barley and rye.

It’s of course vital to point out that this finding does not prove that the “gluten-like peptides” in ryegrass actually lead to the same reactions in PWCD as do the verboten gluten-laden grains themselves.

But still, this finding does bear watching, especially of course, by PWCDs.